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Vivah Jewellery

Vivah Jewellery is Canada’s largest independent chain store for Sterling Silver & Bridal Jewellery. Vivah has been working in the marketplaces of India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey for over 35 years developing expertise in handmade and natural materials and gala adornments.

A large part of our success is the introduction of many leading edge materials into the creative mix. At Vivah, there are exotic and semi-precious stones like rainbow moonstone, mystic topaz, apple coral, green quartz, faceted onyx and a plethora of pearls and paua shell that you don’t commonly find at other jewelers. Did you know most white pearls have been bleached and are not naturally white?

In addition to the natural and organic materials used for our jewellery, Vivah also carry’s Austrian Crystals and evening wear collections that we develop for bridesmaids and more luxe occasions.

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of compelling looks, collections, unique and affordable treasures. Having been in business more than 35 years, we have developed a strong presence in the market, as well as a sincere approach to the business of contemporary silver and fashion jewellery.

We invite you to browse our website and visit our stores.

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Vivah Jewellery – History

Proudly serving jewellery collectors and enthusiasts for over 40 years.

Vivah’s humble beginnings originate from Directions East, a trading company founded in 1972 by Zell Goodbaum who was living and working in India at the time. Zell developed a wide range of gift items and ethnic art objects for sale in Canada. For about 12 years, he traveled back and forth 3 times a year to the Eastern Asia, as well as across Canada, developing a successful wholesale distribution company.

Among his customers were Birks, Eatons, Fairweathers and Suzy Shier, as well Zell operated three seperate Directions East stores selling handmade and natural material jewellery accessories.  Around that time he met Vivah Goldberg, a self-taught gold and silversmith who had her own company called Separate Realities. She made her own moulds, carved her own stones, and was struggling as a craftsperson for recognition of her designs and ability.

Zell recognized the talent he saw in Vivah’s designs, and soon Vivah was selling her work exclusively in the Directions East stores. After joining Zell on a trip to India, they formed a strong bond that gave birth to what is now; Vivah Jewellery!


Since it’s humble beginnings, Vivah Jewellery has evolved from a jewellery wholesaler to a retail specialist in sterling silver, gemstones and bridal fashion with over 40 stores across Canada.

Through the application of sound business principles and a commitment to providing unique, trendsetting styles, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in the Canadian market

We base our business on the relationships we form with our staff, suppliers and customers. Our expertise has always been about finding the best… the best people… the best product… in order to achieve the best reputation in the business.

We warmly welcome you to Vivah!


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We’re on Instagram too!

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