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When asked to define “fashion”, the mind goes in many directions.  Images of what you feel are “fashionable” and even “unfashionable” will start popping in your head. Perhaps you will reminisce on some of your most fashionable moments, those times when your outfit and jewellery came together so well that you truly “rocked” the day, event, or meeting!!!

Webster’s dictionary defines fashion as “a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people….” well I call that balony.

Fashion is expression.

In today’s world, fashion cannot be defined by what’s “popular”, or what is “in” right now, or even by a group of people.  It is only defined by you, the wearer! Your choices, not only in cloths but also your accessories, jewellery and presence in time, make up YOUR FASHION. This is still just the tip of the iceberg, as fashion cannot even be limited to one great outfit or theme. Fashion is within you, and as you grow, so does it.  Fashion is an individual expression of growth, where you’ve been and who you are today. It is in the blink of a moment that your “fashion” is captured by another and in that moment in time. With time, moments change and so does perception. Your fashion encompasses your energy, whether positive or negative. Exterior fashion always complements with your interior. The perfect dress and sparking jewellery are best perceived in a positive light, when the wearer is smiling from ear to ear.

Therefore, fashion is created and grows through your exterior and interior evolution and expression.  It will change often and cannot be defined by a lifetime. It is yours… NOT the worlds.

Looking back, you will remember fashion expressions from when you were a young teenager, as you were starting to find your individuality.  Your friends fashion or expressions were hints for your expression, but they were never all encompassing.  You always managed to put some personal flare into YOUR fashion.  As you matured and your knowledge and expression continued to grow, so did your sense of fashion. Which brings us to today.   Think about your fashion as a whole, now can you define it?  I bet your answer is “NO”.

From day to day, our fashion evolves, some days we even have a secret theme to our outfits, such as the “rocker” on a Friday night out where we are meeting up with the girls, or business professional – with our pencil skirt and work heels (the ones we can walk in for 8 hours). Other days our expression is to simply be comfy and casual, with our yoga pants and Tee.

Fashion is no longer the industry telling us what to wear, but you and I telling the industry what we want.  What do we want?  We want, no, we demand choices, we demand options, we demand that the industry work for us and not the other way around.  Trends last weeks, and what we’re wearing this week does not influence what we will be wearing next week. Even a repeat outfit has a new element of expression, as we change up our jewellery, shoes or other accessories.

Fashion is our outlet to expression, choices, position in time, diversity, and ones love for self and choices. It cannot be grouped, categorized or bought in any “fashion marketing”.  So when it comes to clothing, accessories and jewellery, we ask for choice, change and evolution.

We change, we evolve, we express, not as a group but as individuals and our fashion is our reflection in time and place.


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