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Our Bali Trip!

Our Bali Trip!
December 4, 2015 Zell Goodbaum

We made it, we are in Bali, Indonesia.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Bali Earrings

Oxidized Sterling Silver Bali Earrings

It takes at least a full day plus to fly to Bangkok and then we had to cross the city by taxi from one airport to another, staying at the Amari Don Muang which is a walking bridge across from the Don Muang Airport. That’s because we fly into the main Suvarnabhumi Airport and fly out D.M.A. to get to Bali. Therefore two days to fly to our final destination.

The good news is we arrange to have ourselves picked up on arrival in Bali and taken to our hotel by obliging one of our main suppliers, who have cars and drivers employed just to service their customers in this fashion.

While in Bali, we have many tasks to do; from meeting with a few of our suppliers, in person; to exploring one of our suppliers showroom; to finding new sterling silver designs for 2016; to finally visiting our supplier who we left raw stones with to be cast and designed in to stunning one of a kind pieces for our Donna Luna collection.

We are staying at the very end of Sanur Beach. On our day off, we walked backward from our end of Sanur Beach, to the start and visited every single silver jewellery store along the route. Apart from the many things we saw and admired, there was one sample of a lotus flower we purchased and have put into production. A surprising fact – the average price of silver jewellery sold in the retail shops of the main street Danau Tamblingan in Sanur Beach in Bali Indonesia are the same or HIGHER than what we offer at VIVAH Jewellery in Canada. ‎Honest to goodness our average after discount price is often $5 or $10/pc LESS, than the prices we see here and at the high end, their exclusive designs aren’t being discounted at all. So we are often dramatically better priced in Canada, than the retail prices here in the tourist shops. That’s AMAZING!Sterling Silver and Mabe Pearl Bali Butterfly Pendant

When we first walked into our main Bali suppliers showroom, we noticed there was very little quantity and all the prices were too high. Our supplier admitted, that the showroom prices were left over from when silver was priced much higher.

Then, they brought us over to their new production of jewellery which is marked at the current prices. ‎As the shock wore off, we got right to work going through the new designs. We found two basic themes, pieces in plain Bali style silver smithing and this same smithing being used around some very nice, more expensive, genuine Mabe pearl. We carefully go through each style and picked out a few styles that really stood out to us.

Unfortunately the quantity available of this new Mabe is only 15 to 25 pieces each, mostly 20+ pcs each and will be reserved for select stores at VIVAH.

Next, we found very nice array of Amethyst pendants, excellent colour, sweet and finely crafted. Very nicely priced, but again there are maybe 10 designs with only 15-25 pcs by design. Sometimes finding the best means we can only offer limited quantities. However, this works in both our and our customers favour, as we are selling top quality pieces with limited quantities available. Each piece is part of a very small collection.

Sterling Silver Bali OM Charm Pendant

Sterling Silver Bali OM Charm

Next stop, we visit the supplier we started working with last March, a new company, that supplied us charm balls which sold fast, as well as, a perfume bottle pendant, which also sold fast and some one of a kind Larimar pendants, which sold out completely. So we ordered good quantity of charm balls this time in every size. We started doing small ones in 12mm originally and now have added 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm. We’ve done various charm ball pendants with cages of silver framing 20 to 28mm, at the higher end. The perfume bottle which was originally purchased 100 pcs assorted with a variety of stones in the cap, we placed order of 100 pcs per Amethyst, Garnet, Blue topaz, Peridot, Rainbow. ALL VIVAH locations will be getting new charm ball and perfume bottle pendants.

Yesterday, we revisited our supplier where we picked out the new Bali pieces. We finalized our orders and to our surprise we happened to find 100 GIANT charm ball pendants, 28mm, with beautiful  labradorite ‎ovals inset at the top. Interestingly almost all silver caged chime balls open to put in the ball and this one doesn’t. We’ve even tried to make this kind of charm ball elsewhere with no success.

We forgot to mention that we found some spectacular Nautilus shell pendants as well. Every time we buy it, they sell out. We added a smaller size pendant last year and SOLD OUT in practically every single colour. We found these new Nautilus pieces while visiting a supplier we used to work with many years ago. After our pleasantries, the supplier remembered us and called us by name. We then shared with them that “we came in search of nautilus shell”. Which we found in abundance at good prices here. We also found some new designs in red coral pendants and paua shell earrings. Also to our pleasant surprise, we found some great new Bali style earrings and some delicate fresh water pearl and silver Bali studs.

Sterling Silver and Nautilus Shell Pendants

Nautilus Shell Pendants

Last day in Bali, we visit the workshop that we previously supplied with loose and raw stones for our upcoming Donna Luna designs. We are there to view and check the samples before putting them into production.

We are blown away by the setting on the newest Donna Luna baroque pearls, the Tigers Eye horses head, the aventurine circle carving, the Buddha bezel settings. Donna’s been working on a new set in plain silver for Donna Luna. We keep the sample the same size as a pendant but scale it back by one third for the earrings and the cuff that matches is beautiful on its own.

We agree that this Donna Luna collection is the best one yet because we have worked on buying all new stones TOGETHER, and we have zeroed in on ‎carvings and baroque pearls, which we selected one by one by one from the March Show in Hong Kong.

These are some fantastic pieces of silver jewellery, the best we have seen on this trip so far.

Down to the detail of the bale on the newest sterling cross, to getting one simple and sized bale right for the new “OM” pendant, because we aren’t rushing on this trip we have time to attend to all these small little details that define beautiful jewellery.

It’s what makes VIVAH special, we are here getting a leg up on the Holiday Season and early 2016.

Leaving Bali is melancholy; no matter how many times I’m here, I just love the scenery, the culture, the people, the random acts of beauty. I don’t think I will ever get tired of visiting. It has a special place in my heart.

‎Onwards to Bangkok.