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Sterling Silver and Marcasite Heart Jewelry Set
Sterling Silver and Marcasite Heart Jewelry Set

Marcasite aka Iron Pyrite

Also known as Iron Pyrite, Marcasite is easily differentiated from other gems by its unique metallic luster. Originally appears as a cube shapes mineral with a shade of metallic gold. It must be pure, and in the form of cubic crystals before proper polishing can take place.

The crystals are then cut to roughly the size of the finished stone, before they are mechanically ground down and facetted. After this, the stones must be carefully polished to create the brilliant shine associated with marcasite. Stones must then be hand sorted for quality, then they are hand set in each piece of jewellery.

This gemstone first became popular in jewellery during the Victorian era of the early 1900s. The trend would continue and eventually become a classic that still remains a constant in fashion.


Switzerland, Thailand

Marcasite Iron Pyrite map

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